www.banjoben.com - Ben Freed's webpage, a great site for the New York and Tri-State Area Bluegrass/Old Time Music Scene (NY, NJ, CT). It lists jams, events, radio programs, concerts, contacts and music teachers. If your new in NY or new to this style of music your should check out this page first. Thanks to Ben for this great page.
Check out Ben's CD "Speed of Sound " which features great banjo playing, original bluegrass tunes and several stars of the NY area bluegrass scene.

http://artietraum.com - Artie Traum, guitarist and songwriter extrodinaire, was a great inspiration to both KATE AND LOU. We both studies guitar with him, and in fact, met crossing paths in Artie's kitchen. He opened up many worlds of traditional music to us and showed us how to play them. From fingerpicking to flatpicking, frailing banjo, from blues to bluegrass, old-time songs to jazzy ballads, Artie Traum was the most open and sharing teacher we ever had. THAT IS WHAT MUSIC IS ALL ABOUT! Thanks Artie.

http://www.theaccidentals.com/marcia.htm - YES, GO HERE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE NEW CD BY Marcia Pelletiere called "Little Noises". Kate and Lou co-wrote one tune with Marcia and perform it on this CD.
Marcia Pelletiere is many things to many people. To us she is first, an old friend. Marcia also took those treasured Coney Island, Brooklyn photographs of us which are such an important part of the KATE AND LOU, Mississippi Ripple CD. Marcia is also a wonderful musician, vocalist, writer and much more. Visit her website to read more about her and BE SURE to check out her award winning a cappella group THE ACCIDENTALS. (Two of Marcia's photos of us can be viewed on our Kate and Lou and Wonderbeans web pages)
Chris Pelletiere, Marcia's husband, and also an old friend, is a wonderful painter. You can write Marcia is you need more information about Chris.

http://www.kenficara.com - Kate and Lou Band harmonica player. Check his page for bio, music and insiteful essays and writings, many covering the blues world. Ken has a sharp political wit. Ken is also the owner developer of a wonderful system called "The Quote Server", also accessible from his webpage. CHECK IT OUT!

http://lineonline.org/kenny.html - Kenny Hall, mandolinist extrodinaire and old-time musician extrodinaire, was an important source for both KATE AND LOU as well as THE WONDERBEANS. Kenny has a great heart and really understands how to play music. His emotion, his material, his touch. WOW!! Kenny and his wife Marta spent some time with us, snowbound in NYC, in the early 1980's. We played and sang and played and sang. Kenny would start off a tune very slow (about 1/4 speed). Even at that speed the feel would be there. Then when everybody got the tune, he sped up to about half speed and eventually full speed, never loosing the right feel for the song. I remember Kenny, who is blind, saying to me, "Lou. you have a very good refrigerator". He could hear the rifrigerator compressor two rooms away. That week was one of the high points of our musical life. KENNY HALL IS GREAT!

http://gillygaloo.net/ - Shlomo Pestcoe (see bio below) can be contacted through this site. Shlomo is a loved member of the ever rotating personnel of THE KATE AND LOU BAND. With Lou on piano accordion, Trip Henderson on harmonicas and Shlomo on a variety of boxes including single and three row diatonic accordions and concertina, he played an integral part of our unique "triple free reed" sound over the past few years. GILLYGALOO is Suzi Shelton, Shlomo Pestcoe, Bob Jones and Michael Gorin. In 2001, this Brooklyn-based ensemble came together with one goal: To "edu-tain" kids of all ages and abilities with grownup-friendly acoustic folk roots music that really rocks the house!

http://www.parksidelounge.com/ - NYC home of Bluegrass music and much more.
317 East Houston Street, New York City between Ave B & C. Take "F" Train to Second Ave. then walk three blocks east. 212-673-6270.
Bluegrass most Mondays, something good every night - Check their calendar!

http://www.ponkiesburg.com - Brooklyn's favorite jam. Originally hosted by Barbara Brousal and continued for several years by Fran Leadon at THE BRAZEN HEAD and then Smithicks. As of 11/15/2004, The Ponkiesburg Pickin' Party weekly jam has been at Jack's Pub, a neighborhood restaurant at Fifth Avenue and 13th Street in Brooklyn, every Sunday afternoon from 4 - 7 p.m and is hosted by Fred Skellenger. The Ponkiesburg Pickin' Party also holds special event jams at various locations. Lou was a jam regular. Kate and Lou can sometimes still be found here on Sunday afternoons.

Check Ponkiesburg website for up to date schedule, location, directions, history and song list. WOW have we really played all those songs!!

http://www.Sheriffunclebob.com - Sheriff Uncle Bob is the much loved host of the Wednesday night (late night!!) jam sessions at The Baggot Inn on West 3rd Street in Greenwich Village. The Sheriff also has hosted the house band on WKCR's Honky Tonkin for several years, and plays around the City in several bands including The Nieces and Nephews, The Goodtimers and The Radio Band. Check his web page for more. He and Trip Henderson are the CO-producers of THE SHERIFF SESSIONS.

http://www.frettedinstrumentsnyc.com/ - In the late 1960's there were two stores in Greenwich Village where people came to shop for acoustic instruments, chat about folk music, and perhaps hear an unknown folk singer practicing on a new or used instrument. EVERYBODY YOU EVER HEARD OF WENT TO THESE STORES. Israel Young, the unofficial "mayor" of the Village, owned the "The Folklore Center". The "Fretted Instruments Store," owned by Marc Silber, was located next door………… FAST FORWARD TO THE LATE 1970s. …………Izzy shocked the Village by moving to Stockholm and offered Jack Baker the chance to take over. He renamed it "Fretted Instruments School of Folk Music" and made some changes, but kept up a strong integrity and continued a great tradition. After more than 20 years, Jack Baker remains among the most respected of teachers of folk music in the country. Go to this website for the whole story and information about music classes.

Alan Podbor - is a blues/old-time-country guitar player and mandolinist, a founding member of both the Delaware Water Gap and Wretched Refuse string bands, a former host of "A Taste of the Blues" on WBAI-FM (Pacifica radio in NY) and so much more ...................................... but mostly a good friend!!!! Chech out his page for more.

http://www.cobblehillbillies.com - Brooklyn bluegrass is growing fast!!!!!!!! These guys are surging ahead. Great singing, harmonies, arrangements and original bluegrass songs. Don't miss them.

http://www.folkmusicny.org/ - The New York Pinewoods Folk Music Club runs concerts, weekends, classes, singing parties, and get-togethers, all with an emphasis on traditional folk music of all flavors.
Call FolkFone, (212) 563-4099 for a weekly listing of folk music concerts and events in and around New York City.

http://www.singout.org - Sing Out! is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization formed to preserve the cultural diversity and heritage of all traditional folk musics; to support creators of new folk music from all countries and cultures; and to encourage the practice of folk music as a living phenomenon.

Contact JOEL PONZAN through KATE AND LOU - Joel Ponzan, did the graphic design for the Kate and Lou CD, He is a singer, musician, songwriter, (played Bass on the Kate and Lou CD)

http://www.paperclipdesign.com/ - Jim Garber, PaperClip Design,
Graphic design for The Wonderbeans CD and many other CD's and publications. email - jimg@paperclipdesign.com (914-243-0388).
Jim Garber was a member of the Wonderbeans and plays fiddle, mandolin and guitar. Old time music and beyond.

Seltzer Sound - Carl Seltzer was the recording engineer for the Kate and Lou, Mississippi Ripple and the original Wonderbeans recordings. GREAT STUDIO!!!
We are sad to report that Carl passed away on January 29, 2002. Carl will always be a special person who truly touched our lives.

www.tomhanway.com - Tom Hanway is a banjo picker extrodinaire. We was the host of several great jams before moving to Ireland. He was great ambassador for Bluegrass and roots music in NYC and his jams provided no fewer than 125 days a year where both local pickers and those from afar, both experienced pickers and those who will be, all gathered to share their music, learn from each other, grow together and most importantly have lots of fun. It seems that he is making a big splash in the ever so full of talent Emerald Isle.

www.jamesreams.com/ - James Reams is a Kentucky born singer/guitarist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. He has released several great CD's. James heads a bluegrass band called "James Reams and the Barnstormers" on Copper Creek Records. James is also the host of the Park Slope Bluegrass/Old-Time Jamboree.

TAXI: the leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.


Trip Henderson has been playing American Roots Music on the harmonica since settling in Morgantown, West Virginia in 1976. His style is a fusion of the old-time fiddle tunes and early rural blues of the Mountain State, and the barroom rhythms of honky-tonk and Chicago blues.

Trip has performed with, among others, Otis Rush, Bruce Springsteen, BB King, Sonny Burgess, John Sebastian, The Sun Records Rhythm Section (Elvis Presley's band), Bo Diddley, Homesick James, John Hammond, Honey Boy Edwards, and Bluegrass and Folk legends John Herald and Hazel Dickens. In 2001 he had the honor of performing "Amazing Grace" at the famed Radio City Music Hall with the mighty Wurlitzer Organ for the film premier of "The Face: 2000 Years of Jesus in Art". He can be heard on film soundtracks, television scores, commercials, and several times a month in clubs and music rooms in the New York City area and on the radio as part of the WKCR Jamboree House Band (89.9 FM).

His band THE BROOKLYN CORNDOGERS feature the twin harmonica playing of Trip and Randy Weinstein and famous banjo player Hank Sapoznick. The don't play often but have added greatly to the story of old-time music in New York. There accurate interpretations are the best I've heard since Major Conte and the Canebreak Rattlers shook our scene up over 20 years ago. Don't miss them if you get the chance. In 2004 he has been playing with a terrific blues band called The Booglerizers. They are New Jersey based and feature guitar, mandolin, harmonica and TUBA!!!. You must hear them!!

Trip has also co-produced THE SHERIFF SESSIONS starting 2003 with Sheriff Uncle Bob. This festival/concert/party/jam has been as smash for the first two years.

Trip is currently working for Thirteen/WNET New York as their Director of Special Events.

Shlomo Pestcoe, a fixture of NYC's traditional music scene for over 20 years, Shlomo is a founding member of the Gowanus Canal Hotshots, a string band specializing in old-time country, early blues and Louisiana Cajun/ Black Creole music.

Shlomo has served as "musician in residence" on the staffs of both the Children's Museum of Manhattan and the Children's Museum of the Arts (SoHo). He also was a principal consultant in the development of the current music exhibit at the Brooklyn Children's Museum. Formerly the lead instrumentalist/ songwriter for the Imagination Workshop Band, Shlomo now performs "grown-up friendly kids' music" with Gillygaloo, a new Brooklyn-based ensemble.


Don Kent

Frank Mare

Artie Traum

Doug Tuchman

Kathy Kaplan

Toby King

Bill Knowlton

Carl Seltzer

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